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Are you thinking about taking your dinner party to the next level, and showing off your culinary skills in front of a much bigger crowd? Great food becomes even better when you share it, and if you love to cook and people love your cooking, why hire an outside caterer when you know your food is so much better? Treat your friends and challenge yourself by being the caterer at your next party.

Rent cooking gear Colorado

Rent extra cooking gear for your next party.

Catering Your Own Party

Before you head to the farmer’s market for inspiration, you have to sit down and plan out your event. Cooking for 8 people is a lot less time-consuming than cooking for 80. You need to get all of your ducks in a row before you start buying ingredients. And, with so many people, maybe even a few kids, you have to think about the big picture and make sure that your menu includes something for everyone.

Planning Your Menu: Think Options

You don’t need to have everyone’s favorite dish on the menu, but you do need to make sure that the menu is well-rounded and that there’s enough food for everyone.  Just don’t forget to include some vegan and sugar-free options to be sure that each guest can enjoy the food. Guilt-free!

If you are throwing the party at home, you are also going to be limited to the equipment in your kitchen, as you’ll need to time everything just right so that the oven and stove are being used efficiently, and all food is ready on time. Apart from that, you also need plenty of room in the refrigerator to keep all the food, since the items that are prepared in advance will need to be stored, at the right temperature before served.

Renting Catering Equipment

Renting serving equipment Colorado

Rent beautiful stainless steel catering and serving equipment for your party.

The next thing you need to plan out is how you are going to serve all the food. Since this is your first catering venture, chances are you don’t have a lot of matching serving trays or catering equipment.

Renting catering equipment for your party is the best way to get everything you need to store, prepare, cook, and serve your food, which means that you have more time to focus on the actual cooking.

Party Rentals in Colorado

We have the classic stainless steel serving equipment to set up a gorgeous buffet. But we also have different styles of catering equipment for rent to match your theme. We have catering and serving utensils for beverages, hot foods, cold foods, and desserts. If you need to expand your kitchen for the party, you can rent cooking gear and appliances so that you can cook and store your food before, during, and after your party.

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