How to Make the Perfect Event Drink Station

One of the many great services that are often included in Denver event rentals is the handling of food and drink service. However, if you are not using this beneficial service, then the responsibility of providing drinks to your event attendees falls on you. An easy way to  solve this is to create a drink station where people can mix their own drinks together. In order to make sure that your drink station is a success, you should read through this detailed guide on how to create a perfect  drink station for any event.

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Make a drink station your guests will love.

Pick a Big and Easily Accessible Location

The first step in creating a successful drink station is making sure that you place it somewhere that it is going to be used a lot. Trying to set it up at a small table is obviously not going to work very well because this significantly limits the number of drink options that you can offer.

However, you also need to be thinking about how accessible your location is. If your event is taking place in a venue with multiple levels and you put the only drink station on the top level, then it is going to be far less likely that people are going to end up using it because they will not want to be forced to walk up the stairs every time they need a drink. Therefore, set up shop somewhere that is large enough to hold many different kinds of bottles and is very accessible by the event attendees.

Consider Who Is Coming

The other major part of creating a drink station is stocking it. For this part of it, you need to think about what kind of people are coming to the event and how many are supposed to show up.  If you are expecting over 100 people, then one bottle of vodka, one bottle of rum, and a  bowl of punch are probably not going to be enough.

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