How To Choose an Event Venue for Your Wedding

What should you look for when choosing a venue for your special event?

The choice of the venue for any event, especially a wedding, is by far one of the most important decisions you will make in your event planning journey. The venue can set the tone for your big day, helping bring to life all of the details you’ve worked hard to create. However, in some unfortunate cases, it can be the one issue that stops the flow of your event and even the cause of additional headaches.

Best wedding venues in Denver and Colorado Springs

6 Simple But Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding on Your Venue

1. BudgetCan you afford this venue? Right from the start, determine what you can spend overall and designate a budget you can comfortably spend on your venue. Keep in mind all of the extras you want to include at the venue on the day of your special event; i.e. band, tables, chairs, luxury linens, other vendors, etc.

If your expensive venue choice has exclusive contracts with certain photographers, but you have your heart set on someone else, you may want to go back to your list of top priorities and decide what you are willing to sacrifice. choosing a wedding venue

2. Availability – Is the venue available on your chosen event date? If your event date is not flexible, then you must move on and continue the search.

3. Theme – You have your vision, now ask yourself: Is the venue backdrop keeping with your theme? Will your guests engage in the feel you’re attempting to set or will the venue throw off everything you’ve tried to create? The location should enhance the theme, color scheme, floral choice, and overall “feel” you want to have.

4. LocationWill transportation be required? Will everyone have transportation? Will you have out of town guests who will need transportation from the hotel to the venue? Will your budget allow you to provide transportation? Should something be forgotten or any other last-minute need turn up, will the venue be able to provide for your needs or offer a provisioning service to ensure that nothing is forgotten?

wedding venues and tents for rent5. Venue CapacityWill your guest list be accommodated? Your garde- themed wedding may be beautiful in the botanical gardens you’ve chosen, but are you certain your 200 guests can comfortably fit? Should it rain, or turn cooler than anticipated, do they offer an indoor option? Should you reserve room in your budget for a tent with walls or possibly portable heating elements?

6. CateringWhat is the venue’s policy on catering? Will they allow you to choose your outside caterer or do they require you to use their in-house caterer? Can the in-house caterer provide the menu options you enjoy, within the budget you’ve allotted?

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