Helping You Pick Your China Set

china gold rim setThere’s no need to make the selection process of your china too serious, but you should choose your pattern and style with care. Here, we will give you advice on two of the most frequently asked questions from clients. We hope this information will help make the process go smoothly.

Choose the Set as a Couple

First and foremost, the china pattern you select should speak to your personality as a duo and your mutual sense of style. It’ll make the ideal statement for all the memorable meals of your new life together. It’s okay to let others come along with you on a scouting trip, but you and your partner must make the final decision. Eliminating the entourage will diminish the chances of being talked into a pattern you don’t love.

Pick a Pattern

pick your china setThink about it this way. If you prefer solids and neutrals to flamboyant flash in your general decor, choose something similar and subtle for your plates. If you tend to go with a bit more flair, go for a bolder, more modern pattern. Just make sure it highlights, instead of hides, your style. In addition to all-white styles, there are four basic categories of china patterns.

  • Floral china, as you might guess, features flowery designs and even fauna.
  • Geometric china has sharp lines and patterns.
  • Banded china is white or ivory with a gold or platinum rim — you can find blue or green rims too. The value can skyrocket depending on how much metal covers the plate.
  • Oriental china, as it implies, has an Asian flair, like rectangular-shaped plates.


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