Creating the Perfect Outdoor Tent Party Environment!

Now that you’ve decided on the size and style of the tent you need for your venue, it’s time to decide on the aesthetic elements that will make your tent venue feel like the fairy tale you imagined. Even if you only plan to have the tent for a backup plan, you will need to consider a few essential elements.

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Three Essentials for Creating the Perfect Tent Venue Environment

1. Light it up! If your event or wedding reception stretches through the evening hours at all, you will need lighting inside your tent. Have you imagined hundreds of sparkling white lights strung overhead, or elegant chandeliers hanging from above? Your options here are numerous, from Bistro Lighting strung across the ceiling of your tent, to Lampposts, or even more theatrical style lighting as well. Let’s talk about your ideas! We are your wedding rental professionals in Denver.


Power up with our generator.

2. Power up!  Will your venue have a close power source? You don’t want to create any risky walkways or unsightly messes with bright yellow extension cords and duct tape. Let Colorado Party Rentals Provide you with a generator. Do you know what your band or DJ will require for power sourcing? Check and double-check, and then rely on us! We’ll have you powered up the right way!

3. Keep it comfortable! Are you planning an early fall wedding or special event that could have a sudden cool breeze? Is your event scheduled for the last days of summer when you could still be fighting the heat? Heating and cooling are checklist items you can forget. It’s essential to keep your guests happy and comfortable as best as you can. In the cooler months, you will want a heater, and in the summer months, you will want fans! Colorado Party Rentals can help you calculate how many heaters or fans you will need! Trust the party rental experts in Colorado!

Pop Up TentsColorado Party Rentals provides you with the perfect ambiance inside your party tent!

Have you wondered how to turn your rented tent into your dream venue? Whether you’re planning your big day, the wedding of your dreams or a corporate event – big or small – the Colorado Party Rental experts are here to assure you that every detail will be taken care of. Nothing will be overlooked – from the lighting to your power sourcing; we have you covered. Relax, enjoy your event, and feel confident that the party rental experts are on your team! Call us today and find out how we can help you make your next event a great one!


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