Renting Catering Equipment for Your Next Venture

One not-so-terrible thing that came out of the global pandemic is a rise in start-ups. While many businesses have figured out that employees are just as productive from home as in the office, home-based businesses are becoming more attractive to entrepreneurs. One such business is a home-based catering company. While you may be a great chef and baker with a flair for party planning, what you probably don’t have is the equipment. Renting catering equipment is a cost-effective way to get your catering business up and running. 

Starting a catering business

Renting Catering Equipment for Events

Find the perfect amount of catering equipment for your event.

As people and businesses are beginning to gather in larger groups and plan parties and dinner parties again, this is a great opportunity for someone passionate about party planning and food. Delicious food, signature drinks, and great people are the main ingredients to a fabulous event. However, there’s a lot of equipment that goes into catering an event. 

Cutting Startup Expenses

While it makes sense to start small, you don’t want to limit yourself to a new catering company because you only have a certain amount of equipment. Renting equipment allows you to say yes to everything and be able to accommodate events of all sizes and themes. 

There’s a lot that goes into catering a party and renting all the catering equipment is a great way to stay within your budget, while offering amazing services to your clients. 

Rent Catering Equipment

A catering business doesn’t just need equipment, appliances, and utensils for the prepping and cooking portion of the menu, but you’ll need equipment to transport the food (if you’re not prepping on site), as well as serve the food.  At Colorado Party Rentals, we have everything you need to support your dream of starting a catering business. We carry all the essentials from appliances, food storage and prep, and even grills and BBQs.

Where the fun really starts is in presenting your food creatively. Everyone knows we eat with our eyes first, so the presentation is a big part of the meal!  Whether it’s a buffet or a sit-down dinner, elevate the visual to match your bold, beautiful flavors by renting serving trays & platters, flatware, stemware, linens, and more!

Talk to our team about your event, and we’ll help you put your party rentals together to make that magic happen.

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