The Unsung Hero of Every Party: Climate Control

Whenever we plan parties, we put a lot of time and effort into creating and realizing a theme and finding the right food and signature cocktails to match. But, you know what party element doesn’t get enough attention, temperature and climate control!

Overlooked party essentials

Party Rental Essentials: Climate Control

Climate control is the unsung hero of every party and event.

As we’re getting used to our new normal, many people play it safe and take their parties and events outdoors. Fortunately, here in Colorado, our warm and delightful summers tend to stretch through September, but as we near fall, don’t overlook the need for climate control elements

Climate control items include:

  • Space heaters
  • AC units
  • Fans
  • Fire elements
  • Propane
  • Power

Climate control for outdoor parties

An outdoor party should consider renting a party tent, especially in the late summer and fall months. Whether it’s a classic frame tent or the Rolls Royce of tents – the sailcloth tent – make sure to include climate control elements to keep your guests comfortable. 

Climate control elements add a cozy atmosphere and ambiance, like fire pits and attractive heaters, so they can become a part of your décor and blend seamlessly into your event aesthetic. When you take care of the climate, not only will you make the party more pleasant, but it gives your guests a chance to wear the outfit they want and not have to think about accounting for fluctuating temperatures and the day turns to night. 

Tent rentals and climate control elements for your next event

Regardless of the size of your event, Colorado Party Rentals has the largest party essentials inventory of rentals, equipment, and décor, from the tent to the space heater. We even carry special climate control units designed to control the temperature inside a tent. 

Stay safe, cool, and enjoy your party while we take care of all the details, from the tent to the table setting, décor, and heating and cooling. 


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