It’s All in the Details: Making a Simple Chair Wedding Worthy

Even simple things can be transformed to ooze romance and joy. One thing every wedding needs is chairs. But a chair isn’t just a chair; it’s just a starting point. With a few decorative details, you can enhance a simple chair and make it fit with the theme and help tie the entire wedding together.

Enhancing your wedding chairs

Little details to decorate your wedding

Use greenery or flowers to elevate the look of your wedding chairs.

You’re going to need chairs for the ceremony and the reception. Since you have so many chairs, they’re going to make a significant impact on the overall look. Choosing the right style of chair is essential. However, even the most romantic and stylish chair could use a little embellishment. A few decorative details can make every chair pop, and add an extra layer and texture to your decor.

Mixing and Matching Chairs

There’s something fun and eclectic about mixing and matching chairs. However, there is a difference between something being “mixed and matched” and “mismatched.” Mixing and matching is a particular choice of chairs that go together, but are not the same. They need to harmonize, not clash.

Decorating Chairs

Chairs that are the same and simple in design can be elevated with a few decorative details. Using delicate, flowing fabric to drape around the chairs is an easy way to turn a plain chair into a conversation piece. Use the same fun, romantic, whimsical, glamorous, and creative details on your reception chairs as your ceremony chairs to complete your wedding design and make it cohesive from start to finish.

Decorating wedding chairs

A beautiful decorative bow is a simple detail that will have a big impact.

Tie it in a bow

Beautiful soft fabric can also be used to create a beautiful detail on each chair. A big, soft, puffy bow tied with luxurious fabric or ribbons around the chair back can make a huge statement.

Floral details

Flowers are a wedding staple and can make any element pop. Even just a few simple flowers can make your wedding chairs feel special and wedding-worthy.

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