Choosing the Right Style of Chair for Your Wedding

If there’s one thing you’re going to need a lot of for your wedding, it’s chairs. Between the ceremony and the reception, you may need twice as many chairs as you thought. You may even need a few extra, depending on the setup of your wedding. Since there are so many chairs at a wedding, having one style of chair will enhance the overall look. The right style of wedding chair is instrumental in creating the right ambiance.Rent Chiavari wedding chairs

Renting Chairs

There are a few considerations to make before renting chairs. Knowing the number of chairs is the most important, but you also want to choose the right style of chair. Chairs can create the right atmosphere and stylistic effect. There’s a chair for every wedding theme, so rent a chair that is perfect for your wedding.

Style of Chairs

The theme of your wedding will help you choose the right style of chair. The shape and the materials used will have a big impact on your wedding. You can also choose a few styles, depending on where the chair will be used. The chairs that you have set up for the ceremony can be different from the style of chair that you choose for the reception.

Match Your Wedding Theme

For a relaxed, and organic atmosphere look for chairs that are made with natural materials. Wooden chairs with a romantic style are very popular for rustic indoor and outdoor weddings. For a more modern and elegant wedding, we have Chiavari chairs in silver, gold, and even clear for a bit of a futuristic edginess. We also have the classic Chiavari chairs in more colors so fit any wedding style. The Chiavari chairs come with the classic square back that can be used in both modern and rustic style weddings. We also have specialty chairs with the round back for a more royal and dramatic effect.

Folding Chairs

Rent chairs for Colorado wedding

For a quaint countryside wedding, don’t discount the effect of wooden folding chairs.

Don’t knock the quaint wooden folding chair that is perfect for your English garden/countryside style wedding. Paired with the right wooden tables set up for a family-style reception dinner, wooden folding chairs can give off a quiet elegance.


For added comfort, add cushions to your style of chair. All of our chairs are comfortable without the cushion, so think about how the cushion will add to the aesthetics. Before you decide, be sure to try out each chair. You may also choose to have cushions on the chairs for the ceremony, but not the reception.

Rent chairs for your Colorado wedding

When you rent from Colorado Party Rentals you ensure that your chairs will be delivered and set up on time. But, before you choose a chair, our wedding specialists will help you go through all your choices. You can even come in and sit on the chairs so you know exactly what you are getting. Our attention to detail and service means that there will be no surprises on your special day.

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