Small Details to Make Your Wedding Feel Extravagant

Between choosing a venue, selecting a cake, and getting Wedding rentals in Colorado, it’s easy to overlook all the smaller things. Of course, not everything is necessary — but a few sweet touches will definitely bring joy to you and all of your guests! Looking for some great additions to add to your wedding? Try these out. 

Pick the Perfect Chairs

Don’t skimp out on the boring old furniture stacked away in your venue’s storage room. In fact, leave them there. Picking the right chairs for your special day can add to your overall theme and transform your wedding into a beautiful affair from top to bottom. Your local party rentals provider in Colorado can help you pick out the right chairs for your event, and can even suggest ways to decorate them. 

Add a Few Directions

Choosing an MC for your wedding
A simple sign can help your guests make their way safely to your venue, from the parking lot.

Is your event lacking in signage? Or maybe you’ve decided on tent rentals and need a way to point your guests to the nearest restroom. Adding a few signs around your space is a great idea if the space is unfamiliar to most. If you have over a hundred guests, you probably won’t want them all coming up to you and asking for directions. If the venue grounds are large, you might want to include a simple map in your invitation, or on your wedding site. 

Don’t Forget the Guest Book

Guestbooks are a fantastic way to remember all the people who came to celebrate you and your new spouse. Typically, all it takes to set one up is an empty scrapbook and a few pens. But why not take things up a notch? There are plenty of ideas you can choose from to make for a more interesting signing experience. Some ideas include: letting guests write messages on Jenga blocks, writing on the back of polaroid photos, and even writing messages in marker on a mirror or framed paper.

Dress the Cake Table

This table will be one of the main focal points of your venue. There will be lots of photo opportunities near this table, so make it as pretty as possible! Think about a few ways to decorate the table to compliment your cake. Common favorites are themed bouquets, tealight candles, and colored linens. 

Need a few more ideas for your special day? Your Colorado Party Rentals experts have all the best industry tricks to make your wedding truly special. Get started by checking out our supplies and decorations. 


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