Take the Stress Out of Party Planning

Party planning is often stressful and it can cost you money, especially if you have to be in charge of everything yourself, and are also limited to the things that you have on hand or can borrow. Sometimes when you plan a party alone, you end up with mismatched plates, decor, silverware, and glasses. Hiring a party planner will take the stress out of planning a party, and it will give you the freedom to let your creative juices flow without limitations.

Party rental equipment and decor in Colorado

Hiring a party planner ensures that every guest is drinking out of matching glassware.

Make Party Planning Fun

Working with a party planner means you can sit down with a professional and let your imagination go wild. It’s up to the party planner to reel you in and let you know what’s going to be possible or impossible, depending on location and your budget. But, when we initially sit down, it’s all about going big or going home.

No Mismatched Decorations, Tableware, and Glassware

At Colorado Party Rentals (CPR), we’ll make sure that everything matches – unless you’re going for the mismatched trend – so that no guest is left drinking red wine out of your favorite coffee mug. A party planner will make sure that you have all the equipment, decorations, linens, glassware, and tableware for each of your guests, plus a few extra because you never know who’s going to show up with an unannounced “plus-one.” Besides, once people get word of your party, everyone is going to want to come. A party planner is always prepared for a few party crashers.

Tents for Every Party

Special event in ColoradoA party is often limited by the location, but CPR has a number of beautiful white canvas party tents that can expand your party beyond the initial location. For a house party, especially here in the winter time, we can easily turn your backyard into extra party space with the right party tent. Use your house for the cocktails and dinner, and then send your guests into the backyard for music and dancing.

The Right Lighting for Your Party

Great lighting can set any mood for your party, and we’ve got great choices in lighting. No matter the location, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, we can light your event to create the right ambiance, from romantic to disco, all depending on the type of party you are throwing.


Plan Your Next Party with Colorado Party Rentals

Colorado Party Rentals has been helping Colorado residents plan and execute special events, weddings, and parties of all sizes since 2006. With two convenient locations and showrooms in Denver and Colorado Springs, we offer 24-hour service along the front range and daily deliveries and setup throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

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