The Wedding Planner: Essential Wedding Table Decorations

When you plan a wedding there’s the overall theme and decor, and then there is the dinner table. The wedding table setting is one of the major elements in wedding planning, as this is where you and your guests will spend a good deal of time. As with anything, it’s the details that make the wedding table special, but, there are a few essential wedding table decorations that you’ll need.

Wedding table essentials

Picture Perfect Wedding Table Setting

Regardless of the style of your wedding, the wedding table is going to be a big feature. A big portion of your wedding will be spent sitting at the tables, which means that your tables will be featured in a lot of your wedding photos. Make sure your wedding tables are picture perfect.

Glassware, Flatware, and Silverware

Although there is often speeches peppered throughout the wedding dinner, you need to get all the essential dinnerware so your guests can eat, as well as listen. Glassware, flatware, and silverware can be found to match the style of your wedding. Don’t forget to choose plates for each course, with utensils to match. You will also need the appropriate glassware for the liquids you are serving.


Rent wedding table essentialsWhether it’s casual chick, formal elegance, rustic charm, or other, your wedding table deserves a centerpiece. The centerpiece doesn’t have to be a classic bouquet of flowers. Create a centerpiece that is personal to your taste. Even a simple and minimalistic wedding table should have a little decoration to make it special. One thing to remember, however, is to not create centerpieces that will obstruct the view of your guests, or prevent people from talking to each other.


Candles are the perfect romantic table decor. As the light dims, a little candlelight will help amp up the romance and the intimacy for a great wedding.

Table Runners and Tablecloths

A big trend in table decor is to have a simple runner down the center of the table. For rustic, minimalistic, and natural wedding styles, a simple wooden table with an elegant runner is romantic and charming. However, for more formal weddings, you can choose floor length linens to make your wedding table setting more elegant.

Rent Wedding Essentials in Denver

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