3 Summer Wedding Food Tips from Colorado Party Rentals

As we are well into the summer season already, here are some more helpful tips for when the weather interferes with your perfect summer wedding. Be aware that the heat can do terrible things to some of your menu items, including making guests sick. So be sure that all seafood, cheese, and meats are stored in super-cooled serving dishes, perhaps on platters made of ice, and that the caterer keeps replacing sun-warmed salad dressings with cooler, fresher supplies every so often. Specifically ask for this cool-food service, as a safety measure.

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Serve the “Summery” Food 

This will help reduce the risk of spoilage. Summer menu items of cold, refreshing veggies, cold seafood, mango skewers and gazpacho shots are far more palatable in hot weather than heavier, cream-sauce dishes…and they’re often less expensive.

During your cocktail hour, don’t serve anything too heavy either. Instead try serving fruit skewers, shrimp cocktail, and other light appetizers, instead of cheese or other dairy-based products that would melt in the heat.

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Cover those Serving Platters

Keep the flies and bees away by choosing chafing dishes and serving platters with lids on them, and don’t decorate your buffet table or stations with bee-attracting flowers.

Prevent Mosquito and Gnat Dive-Bombers From Attacking Your Cake

Mosquitos and flies love the sweet frosting! Also, keep your cake from melting in the sun—and collapsing to the floor—by having the site staff keep the cake in the refrigerator for the majority of the reception. It can be wheeled out, fresh and cool, when it’s time to cut the cake.

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