Take Decorative and Creative Control of Your Wedding Venue

Looking for the perfect wedding venue is often one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. The perfect wedding venue needs to check all the boxes. The venue will be the foundation for the most magical day of your life, so make sure it can live up to all of your wedding day dreams.

Finding the perfect wedding venue

Choosing wedding venueOur natural backdrop is spectacular, so many couples want to incorporate nature and the scenic beauty of Colorado into their wedding. However, the weather can be fickle, so you don’t want to take chances with an outdoor wedding. At least, not without a backup plan.

Indoor Backup Plan

Look for a wedding venue that has options for being outside, but also has options to move indoors if the weather decides not to cooperate. Having a venue that has both indoor and outdoor capabilities will give you the best of both worlds. You can have some elements outside, like the ceremony, cocktails, and wedding photos. Then you can take the party indoors for a calmer atmosphere for the reception.

Control Over the Decorations

We know you’re looking to save money wherever you can. Choosing a venue that will allow you to choose your own vendors and decorations is going to give you more control over how much you spend. Being able to choose your own vendors and decor also gives you much more creative control, and you want to have creative control over your own wedding.

Renting decorations

You want to create the atmosphere that represents you and your partner. You want to personalize the wedding venue, and that’s hard to do when you have to choose from a few standard wedding packages. Choose a venue that will act as a blank canvas so you can decorate exactly how you want.

Ambiance and atmosphere

Decorating wedding venue

By Meigan Canfield Photography

The venue may have a lot of the essentials that you need, like tables and chairs, but if you don’t like your choices, then rent the style of tables and chairs that match your vision. Once you’ve chosen the basic elements, it’s time to add the little details that make the whole venue come alive. When it comes to creating ambiance and atmosphere your best option is to rent all the extras that will make your wedding venue special. Think about all the decorative elements, like linens, mood lighting, ornamental elements, centerpieces, and everything that will set the right tone and create the right mood.

Backdrops and drapery

There’s nothing like drapery to turn a plain venue into a romantic wedding venue. Anything that doesn’t fit into your wedding design can be transformed or hidden behind soft, flowy drapery. If you have tents set up outdoors for shade and refuge from the rain, think about adding drapery to the tent posts for a complete wedding effect.

Rent wedding decorations and supplies

No wedding is too big or too small for Colorado Party Rentals. We’ll work with your venue and your wedding planner to coordinate all your rental needs to transform your wedding venue into your dream wedding setting.


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