3 More Tips to Help You Achieve the Wedding Photography Style of Your Dreams!

When it comes to preserving memories, nothing could be more precious than your wedding day! Choosing the right wedding photographer can be easy with these simple tips to help you achieve the style and look you’ve been dreaming of! In our previous post, we began with three simple tips to help establish a style. In this post, you’ll find three more simple tips to help you make your decision and book the right photographer.

1Beautiful bride holding horse by rein. Ask about their editing process and style. You will be able to get a good feel for this in their portfolio. Every photographer has their sense of style which will affect the way they edit your images as well. Some photographers go for a high contrast, vibrant color, while others, a soft and subtle matte look. Some have a knack with antiqued touches. So be sure your desired outcome is something your photographer can provide. This is a great place to mention that you can find a much less expensive wedding photographer who will simply shoot the wedding day (approximately 300-500 photos) and then burn them straight to a disc without any editing or post-processing. This can be tricky. It’s a good way to save, but nothing has been corrected, either. You may get some great shots, but you may get one of Uncle You-Know-Who scratching his nose right behind your gorgeous headpiece. It’s a risk.

What about a second photographer? Is it necessary? Should you book with a photographer who shoots with a partner? Well, this is mostly a personal preference. You don’t need a second photographer, but you will gain some extra shots, and you will get some of the same shots but from varying angles. It provides more variety to the photos you will receive.

2. Find out how willing your photographer is to provide you with the experience (and the results) you want. You have to be able to communicate freely with your photographer, and he or she must be in agreement with what you are seeking. If you’re hoping for a super traditional, formally posed family picture, and your photographer is generally inclined to shoot the whole family jumping into the air and yelling “Congratulations,” then your styles and expectations don’t match.  On the other hand, if you want silly shots, fun shots, or out of the box shots, and your photographer wants everything posed and perfect, you also have a difference in style.

3. Ask the photographer about her best and worst moment. Every photographer has had that moment that just stands out as the, “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that just happened!” moment. There is most likely a moment that just about brought tears to his eyes. Ask what they were and why your photographer felt they were the best and worst moments. This will also give you a good idea of your photographer’s personality and may even give you some good notes to take. This is also a great time to ask for your pro’s famous shot – the one or two of which he is most proud – or maybe the most fun shot for wedding couples and wedding parties.

Pro Tip Bonus: Ask your photographer for their generic list of photos they like to capture and check to be sure everything you want to be captured is there. If not, don’t hesitate to add the shots you want.

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