Cold-weather outdoor party tenting tips

The fall and cold weather transition provides a fantastic time and opportunity to host amazing outdoor parties or special events. An outdoor wedding during Colorado’s fall season can be a magical and memorable one. Nevertheless, it is vital to take into consideration that it can get frigid out there. Also, Colorado’s weather tends to change unpredictably. In a matter of minutes, it could vary from hot and shiny to a severe hailstorm. So, it is vital to be prepared.

Colorado fall landscape is the perfect backdrop for a fall party, however, it could become tricky. Selecting the best type of tent to host your outdoor party could be the difference between a hot and memorable event or a cold and chilling disaster. By tenting your backyard or outdoor space you can control the temperature, keeping your guests warm and the holiday spirits high.

Selecting the best tent for your cold-weather outdoor event

Tented weddings

A tented wedding opens up a world of venue possibilities.

First, you need to consider the space you will need. Think of the number of attending guests. Talk to our party specialists about selecting the right size tent for your outdoor event and we’ll be sure to utilize all of the space to give you as much room as possible.

A beautiful white tent is a perfect solution for cold temperatures and a lack of space. You can extend your party area to the outside, making room for more people, or just creating a unique space for a winter party. The tent can be a white canvas for you to add a few decorative touches.

Depending on the type of event you are hosting, you can consider decorating the frame with drapes, lighting, and holiday decorations to make the tent a part of your decor. Rent all the extras you need to complete the tent, including tent liners and draping to add elegance or make it more casual.

Keeping Your Party Warm All Night

Remember, Colorado can get cold, especially during the evening. Make sure you get a tent that has windows. You don’t want to block out the outside landscape, but you do want to keep your guest comfortable. Take inspiration from the winter wonderland outside to decorate your tent inside. Let the season’s magic cast its spell while enjoying safety and warmth.
Consider adding extra heaters inside the tent to make it more comfortable. You can rent couches and chairs and use the heaters as part of the decoration. This creates cozy lounges and seating areas for your guests to relax and enjoy interacting with each other.

No event is too big or too small for personalized attention. At Colorado Party Rentals, you can find everything required to host the perfect cold-weather outdoor event. We will work with you over the phone or on-site to provide everything needed to make your event spectacular.


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