Simple Design Ideas to Maximize Your Budget

Not every party has to cost a lot of money. When you don’t have a lot of cash to play around with, your creativity becomes even more critical. Here’s how to create a million-dollar event on a budget.

Don’t Limit Your Creativity

Your budget may be limited, but your creativity is not. There’s a lot you can do to elevate the wow factor of your next event with simple and creative design ideas. Take inventory of what you have to use. Every venue should come with some furniture and equipment that you can play with to create the right mood for your event.

Creating awesome guest experience

Embrace variety to create an unique guest experience.


Color plays a big part in creating the right atmosphere at any event. Whether it’s an energetic and productive work event or an intimate anniversary, a cohesive color scheme can instantly set the tone for your event. If you have an eclectic ensemble of furniture to work with, like matching linens, pillows, and decor that share a similar palate and even mismatched furniture. It will need to be tied together to create a cohesive story.

Embrace Variety

Not everyone has the budget to rent matching chairs, tables, plates, and glasses. If you have to work with a variety of equipment that’s not all in the same style, the best way to make it work is to embrace the variety. Diversity is great and can add a ton of character to your event.

Displaying your furniture and decor

Using food in your event design

Be creative with how you present and plate the food to add an extra sensory dimension to your party.

Design with purpose. Make sure that everything is in place because it adds to the mood or the effect you are trying to create. If you have a variety of pillows that you want to use, be specific in how you place them on chairs and couches. Nothing should be haphazard. If you put thought into every element, the party will feel more luxurious.

Food and Drink

One area of a party or event that everyone seems to forget about is the food and drinks served. How you display food and beverages can make a significant impact on your guests. Think of how much more elegant take-out food all of a sudden becomes when you take it out of the containers and plate it thoughtfully on a platter. Make everything look as good as you can to make your guests’ experience more upscale.

Be creative at your next event to create an unforgettable experience. If you need extra party gear, contact Colorado Party Rentals.


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