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You have chosen a dream location for your wedding; you have everything ready, now comes the challenge of your signature cocktail. You need a cocktail that not only represents you and your union, but also the reminiscence of your past, and the location of the ceremony. Don’t worry!  With Colorado weddings, you have nothing to fear. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Happily Ever After

With Colorado weddings, you have nothing to fear.

The emotion of a first dance found its way in a glass

You are about to live through the most memorable moments of your life, and this signature cocktail brings out the essence of this fairytale, cucumbers, kiwi fruit, and lucid absinthe is the perfect drink for such an occasion. You and your partner are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, and this will mark the day!


It is as if the emotion of a first dance found its way in a glass. The First Dance is an elegant concoction of lime juice with triple sec, rum and watermelon chunks with just a hint of cayenne pepper. This drink will swipe your guests off their feet.

Dragon Bramble

No, indeed, this is not a Game of Thrones party, but it is simply out of this world, lemon juice, a dash of blueberry syrup, gin, and dragon fruit purée. The recipe for a memorable, yet subtle drink that will bring cachet to your wedding celebration.

Green Iced Tea

This amazing cocktail seems rather innocent at first, ginger lemon tea with lemon and cucumber juice and…yes you guessed it: Tequilla! There is no wedding cocktail to speak of if you don’t have tequila!

Our most precious wish is to work on your wedding planning

Our business is to make your dream come true

There are of course many more wedding signature cocktails, it is impossible to list them all, but for a Colorado Wedding, we think these are very special, just right for an extraordinary occasion, and an exceptional couple.

Why don’t you come and visit our showroom, discuss cocktails with us, and so much more? Your desires have no limits.  Our most precious wish is to work on your wedding planning with you and take the stress away by offering you perfection down to the smallest detail.

Our business is to make your dream come true by bringing some magic to your day. If you cannot come, just give us a call, we at cpartyrentals are always ready to help, listen and advise.

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