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So, it’s your Big Day coming! There are many things to keep in mind, and many details that come to play for wedding planning. Whether it’s a morning, afternoon, or evening wedding, you should take it easy and plan one thing at a time. Doing things step by step makes an unforgettable wedding possible. The first and foremost principle is to loosen up and relax. Wedding ideas for summer The second thing is understanding proper etiquette as you and your planner decide on details. From invitations to attire, there are acceptable and unacceptable aspects of the wedding, depending on the time of day it will occur. Then again, it’s your Big Day, so you can always do it your way. Know the rules and then decide which ones you want to break!


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Buffer tent outsideEasy as Sunday morning. A morning wedding will give the couple enough time to leave that same day on their honeymoon. A morning wedding will also help the couple save money, reduce anxiety, and grant them more than half a day to enjoy the rest of the day after finally getting hitched.

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After the morning wedding takes place, proper etiquette suggests that a luncheon should be held for the couple. This can be similar to a reception but takes place earlier in the day, so the feel of the celebration may be more relaxed. The newlyweds can have original brunch foods served at their wedding, or a lunch selection consisting of poultry dishes and fresh salads. The after-wedding celebration can also consist of appetizers or hors d’oeuvres. If alcoholic beverages are served, light aromatic white wines and champagne are best.

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Couples can have an informal, semi-formal, or formal wedding, depending on their preference. If the bride wants an informal ceremony, it is acceptable to wear white pants or casual trousers. For formal ceremonies, dresses should touch the floor. For semi-formal, the groom’s attire can be a sports coat or corporate-style suit, depending on whether the wedding is indoor or outdoor. It is recommended for brides and grooms to wear the same style to the ceremony. Please, remember to inform your guests of the dress code so they won’t feel over- or under-dressed for such a big event.

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