Tips for a Memorable Barn Wedding

A barn wedding is the perfect way to bring rustic glamor to your special day. Barn weddings are best known for their simple elegance and warm, friendly atmosphere. People also love barn weddings because they are cozy, and provide both the couple and guests with a sense of relaxed enjoyment. Are you looking for ways to elevate your barn wedding and wow your guests on your big day? Take a look at some of these tips on how to make your Colorado barn wedding one no one will ever forget.

Take Advantage of the Scaffolding

A barn offers tons of ceiling height for you to utilize. If you really want to amaze your guests, decorate the ceiling with beautiful chandeliers and ropes of garland. Aiming for a starry night feel? Hang fairy lights around the scaffolding any any visible posts. Your guests will look up and take selfies to post for days.

Bring it In

If you plan on hosting a small crowd, a barn can make things feel a little hollow. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the ceiling height to make things a little more intimate, hang some fabric up to draw the eye down into the room. Hanging fabric can also soften the look of the barn overall — especially if it’s an older structure. 

Bold Color Palettes

Creating romance with color
A barn is the perfect blank canvas for you to incorporate whatever style you like most.

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the tried-and-true path, but why not show your guest your true colors? Take advantage of the neutrality of your barn wood and pair it with any color palette your heart desires. No matter what you choose, the wood will make a great backdrop. 

Skip the Buffet

At a barn wedding, opting to use a buffet or firing up a BBQ grill could make things a little casual. If you want to elevate your wedding, start by elevating your food! Think creative canapés, vibrant charcuterie boards, and contemporary plated courses.

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