Wedding Center Pieces: Professional Secrets

Picking wedding centerpieces is no picnic. Even with an airtight, incredibly specific theme, there are endless possibilities in terms of what you can put together and place on your guest tables. Flower options, colors, vase height, candles, tealights, lanterns… it can be dizzying if you’re not an experienced decorator. Don’t worry — even as a wedding planning newbie, there are plenty of tricks you can use to ensure that your centerpieces are stylish and on-theme. Here are a few things you can do to create beautiful wedding table centerpieces for your big day in Colorado.

Keep it Simple

Romantic lighting design tricks
Remember to pair your main centerpiece with complementary accents of varying heights.

Remember, your centerpiece should never be so complicated that it overwhelms your guests or takes up too much table space. Consider using small, simple bouquets with one to three flower variations. Alternatively, you can use branches or wreaths of garland for a more unconventional look.

Keep it Balanced

Pick a vase that will support your floral arrangement properly. It’s not a very good idea to put your flowers in anything high enough to be accidentally knocked over. A wedding is still a party, after all, and these things happen. Wide and short is the way to go. Keeping your arrangement low will also prevent guests from having their views blocked. 

No Scents

Aromatic flowers are extremely tempting, especially if you can’t help but stick your face in a bouquet every time you receive one. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same sentiment. Try to avoid overly fragrant centerpieces, so as to prevent guests from having allergic reactions or being uncomfortable while they eat. 

Try Going Flowerless

Who said your centerpiece had to be a bouquet? There are plenty of things you can use for great centerpieces. Try experimenting with candle holders and lanterns, as well as wood pieces or even moss. 

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