7 Great Ideas for Keeping Your Guests Happy at Your Summer Event

Summertime and living’s easy! Even with a party coming on? Sure! These seven tips will help you deal with probably one of the most critical parts of any summer event – your guests. We know you are extra careful with the details, so we bring you the following tips on how to keep your guests happy.

events in morning1. Rent A/C Units

If your wedding will be in a tent or out in the open air, be sure to rent high-quality, portable fans that you test out in the rental store to judge their strength and relative silence. Great party fans now run at a lower volume level so that everyone can hear the toasts and the music. Invest well in plenty of these fans for everyone’s comfort, and place them around the seating area, the bar, or anywhere else that guests will gather.

2. Provide Cooling Gadgets

At hot outdoor weddings, and even on the tables of the terrace, set out vases or theme-appropriate containers of little hand-held, battery-run fans, or pretty paper fans for guests to cool themselves.

summer party tips3. Be Ready to Serve Lots of Ice Water in Stylish Glasses, with Pretty Slices of Lemon, Lime or Orange

Who says your water can’t coordinate with your wedding colors? Guests at outdoor weddings love having fresh, and ice-cold water brought to them throughout the event, so be sure to order hand-passed ice water service on silver trays. If you’re having a more informal wedding, consider stocking the bar or buffet with a few ice-filled coolers of water bottles.

Cocktail with ice

4. Use Natural Shade

Scout out your location and ask the site manager to arrange seats and tables under shaded trees, or with big, bright table umbrellas.

5. Careful with the Seating

If your site will set out metal chairs for the ceremony or outdoor seating, be aware that metal can heat up in the sun. Either arrange for chair cushions or invest in fabric slipcovers for chairs that are in peak sunlight. 

6. Provide Sunscreen

If your guests are spending hours out in the sun, you’re a terrific host if you set a spray bottle of high-SPF sunscreen at each table as well.

7. Add Frozen Drinks to Your Bar Menu

This adds extra comfort and enjoyment for your guests. Whether smoothies or iced tropical drinks and cocktails, they will provide perfect refreshment during those warm summer days and evenings.


Party under tent

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