How to Choose Tables for Your Next Event

Every event needs a chair, and every chair needs a matching table. Whether it’s a small coffee table, a tall cocktail table, a rectangular table or round table you have to choose wisely. The shape, size, and style of the table should match your theme and make your creative vision come to life. And, they should complement the chairs that accompany each type of table.

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Cocktail tables with matching chairs.

Choosing the right tables

Tables can serve many functions at any event. Tables aren’t just for sitting around, they can be decorative, or purposeful. Most events will need to have a variety of tables to serve every function.


Although you may need a variety of tables to serve all of your decorative and functional needs, the style of the table should flow with the theme of your event. When you take in the big picture, having tables that match in style will help create cohesion throughout. Using the same material and color for all tables will allow you to play with the size and the shape, while still maintaining a creative throughline.

Decorative tables

Creating levels at your event can enhance the interest of the design. Tables of various shapes and sizes can serve to place decorations to create texture and complete the theme of the event. Having the perfect shape table for a specific statement piece or big floral arrangements can have a major impact on your guests.

Functional tables

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For conferences and galas, you may need tables to hold pamphlets, programs, sign-in sheets, and other important information that will guide your participants. For a wedding, a table that perfectly matches the theme can also be used as a place to keep little party favors, as well as programs for the wedding. Having a table be functional will allow you to create little purposeful and functional details that also enhance your creative vision as well as serve a purpose.


Think of how the table is going to be used. If people are going to be sitting and eating, make sure the table allows for enough room for plates and silverware. For a cocktail party, make sure the tables allow your guests to place for drinks and appetizers with ease as they mingle. A cozy, comfortable lounge area will require tables that are the right height compared to the lounge furniture. The size, both height, and area, should make everything smooth and easy.

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