Turn Your Home into the Perfect Event Venue

Throwing a house party can be a lot of fun, but before the guests arrive you need to arrange your home, so there are a natural flow and direction for the crowd. Otherwise, everyone will end up in the kitchen, or bunched around the snack table. If you don’t direct the flow of your guests, you’ll also suffer a lot more spills and broken glasses because everyone is bumping into each other. Consider these suggestions when setting up your home for a house party.

Directing the Flow

Setting up a house party

The type of seating you have at your house party should determine the kind of food you are serving.

You will probably need to rearrange certain furniture to make your home ready for a house party. Think about what you want to happen at your party. Do you want quiet and intimate discussions, wild dancing and loud music, or good food and good conversations? How you rearrange your home will determine the type of atmosphere you create and will help direct your guests to the kind of experience you were hoping to have.

Where to Place the Food

The food should be placed in the largest room in the home, preferably a room that has more than one entrance. Setting the table in the middle of the room so that guests can walk around the table will help ease the flow of foot traffic, creating a natural path for the guests to take. Being able to circle the table will allow guests to come from both sides, freeing up more room and avoiding a traffic jam. However, if you have a room with two doorways, then you can place a long buffet table against the wall. Just make it clear which end you intend your guests to start at so that everyone doesn’t get bunched up in the middle.


The kind of food you serve will depend on the type of seating you are providing. If you have enough space for tables and chairs, you can get more creative with your buffet dishes. However, if you are saving space by eliminating seating, make sure that the food you serve is finger food, and won’t require a knife and fork.

Where to Place the Bar

Rent bar for house party

Place a bar in a couple of locations to spread out your guests and direct the flow.

You can keep your guests spread out by having a bar at each end of the home, or in two separate locations. That way your guests won’t crowd around in one area of the home. If it’s self serve, make sure you set up the bar area with a natural progression to direct the flow of your guests.

Rent Linens and Decor

The final touch to a great house party is to make it all look cohesive. You can rent linens and decor so that you have a consistent theme and style throughout the home. Matching linens are also a great way to make folding tables look more beautiful and more festive. Rent decor to create the right vibe for your house party.

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