Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist: To Do 9 months ahead

Feeling overwhelmed with wedding planning? Let Colorado Party Rentals give you the ultimate wedding planning guide. This once in a lifetime event calls for an organized checklist to ensure a successful wedding. To perfect the plans of your celebration, use our wedding checklist, divided into two parts, nine months before and four months before.

Nine Months Before

  • Budget Your Wedding

The first step is to determine how much you have to spend on your celebration. Include family’s contributions and personal contribution, what’s the total amount you have to spend and divide it by category. How much do you want to spend on your dress, your reception, the ceremony, etc…. budget out for each category, so you know what you have to spend.

  • Pick Your Party

Choose who you want to be in your wedding party!

  • Start the Guest List

Make your headcount on a spreadsheet. Have different columns for addresses, RSVP’s, gifts, and any other helpful information.

  • Reserve Your Venue

Decide whether you want one location or separate locations, be sure to factor in travel time from location one to second location!

  • Book Your Officiate

  • Research Your Entertainers and Service Providers

Consider who you want as your band, your florist, photographer, caterer. Keep all contact information in a binder. Write down comparisons of each one you research to help in the decision making process and book once you’ve made your decision!

  • Purchase Your Dress!

The easy and fun part- get your dress!

  • Register

Sign up at a minimum of three retailers.

  • Invitations!

Select and send your invitations

  • Plan Your Honeymoon

Check your passports and book your hotel and rental car.

  • Bridesmaid Dresses

Allow up to six months for dresses to be ordered and sized.

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