Bachelorette Party Ideas: Different Kinda Party for a Different Kinda Bride!

The bachelorette party is one of the most important pre-wedding parties that take place before The Big Day. As a maid of honor or bridesmaid, you’ve got to make sure this is an enjoyable and memorable evening for the bride. But what if your friend is a different kind of bride? What if she’s always said she doesn’t like that type of party? Colorado Party Rentals has a few tips on planning the most unique event for the bride to be!

The Sun Bathing Kind

Does she love the sun? It’s been a LOOOOONG cold winter… So get her the sun and tanning she needs before her big day! Look online for the cheapest beach destination and just gather up her 4 or 5 best friends. Surprise her with the plane tickets and take off! Don’t want to spend that much or don’t have the vacation time? Make it a beach themed pool party, where every gal gets to wear her bikini and drink piña coladas with no guys around! Lets be honest, we all need a little sun and she’ll need it too before her honeymoon. Nature loving bride

Nature Loving Bride

Go Glamping for her bachelorette party! If she’s a Colorado girl at heart, it’s the perfect luxe weekend escape. We’re not talking about a rugged tent in the wilderness and water tablets.   We’re talking about a chic chalet in the mountains, with a trip to a local day spa, and of course, don’t forget to bring the evening cocktails.

Party and event rentalsCocktail Party Chick

For the girl that is the life of every party, skip the tea and throw her a real party! Rent out tents and tables, have a catered dinner and host this epic event in some beautiful outdoor location. Have every guest bring her own cocktail recipe and try them all!  Plan a great music playlist or go crazy and hire an all girls live band. Don’t forget the food and games- have plenty of embarrassing games, especially for the bride-to-be! If you think games are lame, you haven’t played any after a few homemade cocktails…

Thrill Seeker Girl

Take the bride on an adventure day! Go zip lining, parasailing, or a group rock climbing class. Look at this as an opportunity to do something new and adventurous. Another option is to take the girls for a trapeze class, or even a pole dancing class.

Thrill seeking kinda bride

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Photography – Rachael Grace Photography

Photography – Rachael Grace Photography

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