Wedding Trends: Prioritizing Personal Details and Unique Guest Experiences

A recent survey of married couples shows where couples are prioritizing their wedding budget. Although the national average cost of a wedding has decreased slightly, weddings are still as spectacular as weddings past. Let’s see how many couples chose to spend their wedding budget.

National average cost of a wedding

The Knot recently surveyed nearly 13,000 married couples. They found that the national average cost of a wedding in 2017 was $33.391, down from $35,329 in 2016. The reason for the decrease isn’t because people are cutting back, it is because couples are prioritizing their budget differently than before. A huge wedding trend in 2017 was to scale back on the guest list and create a personalized experience. Instead of the traditional formal wedding, couples are choosing venues that are unique and spending more on creating an experience for the guests.

Personalizing the Wedding

Unique wedding venue

The average cost of the entire wedding may have gone down, but the average cost spent per guest has gone up. Couples are choosing to cut back on the guest list, making the wedding more intimate, and then spending a little extra to make sure each guest feels special. Many are also adding cultural elements, both in decoration and in entertainment which is taking up more of the budget than in the past. Non-traditional elements are being prioritized, elements that are personally and uniquely tied to the couple, the family, and guests.

Wedding Venues

Choosing a unique and non-traditional wedding venue will often cost less than the giant banquet hall or botanical garden wedding venue. The rustic barn venues are hugely popular, as are industrial venues. With some wedding decorations, you can turn any venue into a romantic wedding setting.

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