The Ultimate Wedding Checklist Planning Guide, To Do 4 Months Ahead

Alright, you are just four months away from the Big Day. Colorado Party Rentals has the ultimate wedding planning checklist for coordinating your special day. In this post, we give the checklist for four months out, all the way to the special day!

 Start Checking These Off Your List Four Months Ahead

Traditional wedding cake

  • Book Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Negotiate the menu and the expense. Also, factor in the travel time between locations!

  • Taste-shop the Cake

The fun part, taste-testing the cakes (we remind: moderation is key). Choose your favorite taste and discuss the design and decoration.

  • Begin with Dress Fittings

Purchase your shoes first, and bring them to your dress fittings. Prepare all the other details such as the purse, and of course –  the bouquet.

  • Schedule Hair and Makeup

It’s generally a good idea to run through a practice hair and makeup session. Take photos and see if you like the results in photographs!

  • Choose Your TunesHair stylist makes the bride before the wedding

Talk to your partner about the music you both prefer on that day and go through the tunes to make a selection. Pick the music for your ceremony and for the reception.

  • Finalize the Order of Ceremony and Reception

Go over the order of the ceremony with the officiating and reception host. Be specific, as to what you want them to announce and say, or not say.

  • Print Programs

Print your programs on your computer at home, or have them printed at an office supply store.

  • Select and Send Invitations

A good rule of thumb is to send the invites six to eight weeks in advance before the ceremony. Set the RSVP cut off date three weeks after the postmark date.

  • Marriage License

This celebratory event can take up to 6 days, be sure to celebrate after picking it up!

  • Pack for Your Honeymoon

This may be the last on the list timewise but is really important for a stress-free post-wedding time.  Don’t forget amidst the festivities to prepare for your honeymoon and your new married life!

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