Winter Birthday Party Ideas That Will Keep Kids from Bouncing Off the Walls!

What in the world do you do with a group of kids indoors in the winter time? We give them sugar and let them bounce off the walls. At least, that’s what we would normally do. But now, your child’s winter birthday doesn’t have to be an indoor craze.

Our 5 top winter birthday party ideas that won’t stress parents out!

party preparation, trail mix snacks for winter indoor birthday parties,1. Create a schedule. While you may be used to birthday parties that free-flow, during winter cold and tight quarters indoors, you want to keep things moving in the right direction, or the kids will keep moving in the wrong direction.

2. Serve hot chocolate. Try creating a bar where kids can be directed to upon arrival to create the hot chocolate of their dreams. There they will be kept occupied and warm up at the same time. This will allow you time to continue welcoming guests and pointing everyone in the right direction.

3. Have plenty of indoor appropriate activities ready to go. Create an indoor snowball toss using plastic laundry baskets and a pile of clean white socks rolled into a ball with the cuff tucked in.

4. Create a craft corner.

1. Create your own snowman table. allow children to assemble their own “snowman” from three styrofoam balls and various crafting materials to create the face and clothes.

2. Unique snowflake station. Purchase a package of paper doilies, and allow children to create their own unique design on a doily.

party preparation, trail mix snacks for winter indoor birthday parties, ideas for girl birthday parties5. Create your own take-home snack mix. Using a “trail mix” theme, set out several options for creating a unique snack mix, using marshmallows and breakfast cereal as a base. Consider other add-in ingredients like chocolate chips, especially white chocolate chips, to go with your winter theme, and “Craisins.”

Winter birthday babies can have a challenge enjoying their birthday celebrations during cold winter months, but even an indoor party can still be a blast! Take our tips on keeping kids moving through a birthday bash schedule. Once kids and parents see the fun that is awaiting they will happily join in on the craft station fun and snack mix extravaganza!

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