Make Your Dream Wedding Come True in 2018

planning your best wedding everLet Colorado Party Rentals Take on Your Wedding Stress

We all know that planning a wedding is a significant investment of time and energy. When the time comes, you are supposed to be ready and fully prepared for the most important event of your life. However, the planning process can often become stressful. Worry not! Let Colorado Party Rentals take on every detail to make your dream wedding come true.

You Dream It, We Make It Happen

planning a wedding in Colorado

With so many things to consider, the bride and groom often feel overwhelmed and are constantly worrying about that “one thing” that they forgot. Countless days and effort are spent on making sure that the invitations’ color matches that of the flowers, and that the dress code and the music are in sync with the theme. That’s where we come in! The professional wedding planners at Colorado Party Rentals have become one of Colorado’s leading party rental services. We organize everything from homeowners throwing a backyard party, corporate events, festivals, fundraisers, trade shows, concerts and, of course, custom weddings. Our creativity and vast years of experience are what sets up apart from the rest. Plus, our wedding experts have been trained to take your ideas and translate them into the best wedding ever!

Picking the Right Location

The right location is crucial to your wedding’s success and is always one of the most difficult choices any couple can make. Our beautiful state is known for its breathtaking landscapes, and its unique natural scenery can present an extraordinary setting for those looking to take their wedding to the next level.Colorado professional wedding plannersThink about how many people you expect to come. Are you keen to traditional weddings or want a more contemporary event? We can provide you with examples of past events to help you narrow the options to find the right place to have your big day to go off hassle-free.

We also have experience in coordinating outdoor events, and our catalog of outdoor tents and canopies allows us to match any theme you have in mind.

Contact us so we can help you set up your dream wedding. Our wedding specialists are here to take the stress off of you so that you can focus on what really matters that day.


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