How to Add a Retro Candy Table to Your Next Event

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Bring out the kid in each of your guests!

There are moments your sweet tooth takes over and nothing will satisfy until you sink your teeth into the prefect treat.  Give in to to the sugar craving for your next creative party adventure.  With numerous vendors of old-school candies your options are nearly endless. All you have to do is choose your favorites.


Marshmallows in a glass jar on a white wooden table. Vintage

3 tips to creating a Retro Candy Bar

1. Decide how you will present your candy wares. Will you choose candies matching your color scheme?  Possibly a mono-tone display. All Purple? All Blue? Or do you prefer to let the candy speak and include vintage choices with wrappers in every color?

2.  Display your candy so that the overall look of the candy bar doesn’t appear confusing or a bit overwhelming.  Choose large vintage glassware for storing your candies and arrange your table with varying heights to draw they eyes upward and away from the flat table. Added height to glass jars at the back of the table will help the vintage look not be lost in a sea of options. You can add height with some vintage milk cartons, or go for a few wood blocks covered in fabric of coordinating colors and patterns. Be certain your base is sturdy before adding too much height.

3. Choose a creative take home container. With the recent re-birth of the mason jar, a mini mason is always appropriate. But if you’re ready for something different, try a Chinese food take-out box, in transparent plastic or even color coordinated paper.  Don’t doubt the effect of the “plain ol’ paper sack”, you can even add the date and title of your event to add to the charm.

Let Colorado Party Rentals assist you
in the creation of your Retro event

Have fun with your candy bar and add all your old favorites, from Bit O’ Honey, to wax soda pop bottles. You can even feature a few old-school bottles of real soda. An old fashioned cream soda or cherry lime-aid in classic re-produced designs will take your theme even further.

Tega Photography

Tega Photography

Planning a Retro Event? We can help! With table coverings in a rainbow of colors to extra vintage additions such as a pop corn cart, the professionals at Colorado Party Rentals can make your event theme come to life. Visit them and explore the many possibilities for your next event.

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