Using Nature to Decorate Your Winter Wedding

The final touches to a wedding are to decorate. Once you have all the practical items set up, it’s time to add beautiful decor. No matter the style, using elements from nature incorporates the scenic Colorado landscape into your wedding. Here are our favorite winter decorations that you can find right outside your window.

Winter Decorations

Natural winter wedding decor

The one challenge you are going to have when decorating your wedding with natural winter elements is to avoid a Christmas theme. You want your wedding to feel like a magical winter wonderland, but not like you’re expecting Santa to arrive any minute. The trick is to avoid too many bright red and green elements but to stick to the more delicate and pure winter colors, like white, silver, green, brown, and softer hues of red and pink.

White Elements

A classic sight in Colorado is our Aspen trees. The Aspen tree has all the elements you are looking for when you want to find a piece of nature that is decorative, festive, and fit for a wedding. The whitebark makes items created from Aspen the perfect touch to a table setting, or for more prominent decorative elements. You may also be able to find candle holders that are designed with Aspen, adding another layer of white twinkling from live candles.

Silver Elements

Break up the white elements with silver from your silverware to candle holders to chairs. When white is the dominant color, make sure to find different shades of white and a few contrasting colors to make everything pop. Silver is a subtle but elegant color that perfectly matches winter. You might not be able to find a lot of silver in your garden, but there are plenty of natural elements that feel like they have been frosted with silver hues.

Using glass can also give you hints of silver, depending on the lighting and what you hold inside the glass.

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Use wooden elements, greenery, and live candles for a winter wedding.

Green Elements

Finding green in nature is the most natural part, even in the winter.  The trick is finding the right green. Eucalyptus leaves are a soft, delicate green with almost a bit of silver dust making the leaves shimmer. Finding alternative leaves to pine will also help you sidestep the Christmas trap. However, pine is a classic winter element so take advantage. Just use it sparingly.

Another great alternative to using pine sprigs is to use similar looking greenery, Rosemary. You’ll find it all year round, and the coloring of Rosemary gives you a blend of green, silver, and white tones that perfectly accentuates the rest of your wedding decor.

Brown Elements

Using natural wood elements is the final touch to a winter wedding. Use bare branches and twigs, maybe with a few tiny white leaves to decorate tables and along the perimeter of your venue. You can also use wooden service items and trays displaying hors d’oeuvres, or holding the centerpieces. Recreate little winter landscapes to incorporate natural winter elements.

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Pink Hues

Find flowers that have subtle pinkish and reddish hues to add a bit of color to the decor. Incorporate these tones into the floral decorations, as well as your bouquet.

Talk to Colorado Party Rentals about your winter wedding. We can help you find all the elements you need, both decorative and practical for a magical winter wedding.


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