Mother’s Day Outdoor Celebrations

Celebrate Mom’s Special Day Under a Tent

Denver’s Spring season is the perfect time of year to have an outdoor celebration for Mother’s Day. Before the temperatures get too hot, or the bugs come out in full force, make plans to set up beautiful party tents in your backyard to offer shade to your beloved ones.

Five Ways to Make Mother’s Day a Special Occasion

Here are five ideas for how you can plan a simple, and make the most memorable Mother’s Day celebration.

1. Give Her a Customized Drink

Create a signature cocktail and name it after your mom. Another excellent idea is to place it a fancy cup and garnish it with some exotic fruit!Mother’s Day Outdoor Celebrations

2. A Party for all Generations of Mothers

Throw a Mother’s Day party for all the generations of mothers in your family. Consider hosting a backyard celebration where your guest’s mommies can mix, mingle and munch. To keep everyone comfortable, renting a tent is a great choice. It will also help to create an even more special event space!

3. Use Special Plates and Linens

Rent special table linens and plates to make the meal a unique occasion. When it comes to Mother’s Day event rentals, can also rent glasses, festive and color plates, and linens to add a distinct touch to your celebration. Show mom that this day is all about her by selecting these items in her favorite colors!

4. Personalize FlowersFlowers for mom

Flowers are essential for Mother’s Day but won’t last all day. Combine locally grown flowers with a handmade vase or pot and also give mom something she can enjoy again and again.

5. Unplug and enjoy!

Commit as a family to “UNPLUG” from your devices for one day. Turning off your cell phones, laptops, iPads and TVs and focus all your attention, energy and time on your mom. Sit outside, take a hike, play a board game or cook together.

All in all, simplify your day to slow down and show your mom just how much you enjoy being with her.

How do you plan to honor your mom on Mother’s Day?

 Mother’s Day Outdoor Celebrations

Let’s make 2016 the most memorable Mother’s Day celebration!

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