2016 Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Trends Pt.2

The Floral Focus of Any Wedding Day

Bridal bouquets are one of the main focuses on your big day. It often sets the tone for all the other flowers used. Check out some of these top trends used for bridal and floral arrangements today.

Wedding Floral Arrangements in 2016

You have the option of customizing your bouquet down to the tiniest of details. It is one of those pieces that allow the bridge to make a statement.

Bouquet trends for 2016

Blush and Berry

Instead of a pink palette, you can go with a soft peach and pink to add a little depth to the bouquet. Blush is also being paired with some of the deeper colors. Darker foliage, berry blooms and merlot-browns are also a welcome addition. Add a little wow to your bouquet with some raspberries, blackberries or blueberries.

Foliage Focused Backdrops

Not only is a foliage bouquet chic, but it is also inexpensive. Opt for eucalyptus, olive branches or succulents to get the most out of your flower budget. Branches and vines make for a great backdrop a well. Let your leaves do all of the talking for you.

Wearable Floral Accessories

Floral headpieces are often woven into many brides hairstyles. Not only will they turn heads, but they allow you to be creative. Try using flowers in some of your accessories as well to tie the look together.

Classic bridal bouquet with splash of color

Long, Layered Ribbon Accents

Long, flowing ribbons on the bridal bouquet are often in demand. Use multiple layers in complementary colors.

Foodie-Inspired Designs

Many use herbs, fruits and various other edibles to complement their floral arrangement. Countless others also infuse unique fragrances and textures to make their bouquet pop. Opt for fruit vines or actual fruits, such as pomegranates to add that wow factor to your bouquet.

By mixing in the right style and color, you can have one of the most stunning arrangements in 2016.

What’s your favorite one?

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