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Summer is finally here (we hope so, at least!) and May is National BBQ month! There is no better excuse to spend some much deserved time outdoors than having great BBQ. Make room in your calendars and wear your stretchy pants because things are about to get serious.

BBQ vs. Grilling

Yup, there’s a difference. If you think BBQing is simply throwing a bunch of meats and veggies on a grill, then you are sorely mistaken.  A true BBQ takes smoke, heat and lots of time. If you haven’t been spending many hours slow cooking your meats, then you have most likely never BBQed. What you’ve been doing is grilling. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Now that it is national BBQ month, why not up the ante a little and make your next BBQ a real BBQ. Colorado Party Rentals can help you find just the right grill for your next BBQ. We have everything from griddles, to propane and charcoal grills, as well as every other piece of rental equipment you might need.

The Four BBQ Styles

Traditionally speaking we have four different regional BBQ styles: Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, and Carolina. Why not pick a theme for your next BBQ? OR better yet – make it an all-American BBQ and have all four styles represented at your neighborhood block party. Here’s a quick overview of the different styles:

  • Texas style: Where’s the beef? It’s right here in your Texas style BBQ. Lots and lots of beef. Marinated, rubbed, or naked beef. As long as it’s slow cooked with lots of smoke, you’ve got yourself a Texas style BBQ.
  • Memphis style: This is where you’ll find the ribs. Either basted before, during and after the smoke, or a good dry rub rib, Memphis is where the ribs and the chopped pork sandwiches rule the BBQ.
  • Kansas City style: Best of both worlds. It’s all about the liberally seasoned pork and beef with sweet rubs and then smoked for hours using hickory wood for the traditional flavor of the Kansas City style BBQ.
  • Carolina style: You’ll find your pulled and shredded pork in this region. The sauces are typically vinegar based. The whole hog is also a Carolina BBQ tradition if you’re from the coastal region.

You get the meat, we’ll get the rest

Once you’ve picked out the right grill for your BBQ (or grills if it’s a larger gathering with multiple grilling stations) it’s time to get the rest of the equipment. From picnic tables, to linens, to tents of all shapes and sizes we’ve got what it takes to make your BBQ smokin’.  Whether you want the traditional red and white checkered picnic colors or you want to do something different, we have a huge selection of rental equipment. If we don’t already have it in-house, then we’ll certainly know how to get it. We’ll help you with tent layouts and permitting, tabletop design, and delivery and pick-up options to make certain your event runs smoothly. BBQing is serious business, and we want you to concentrate on slow cooking that meat. By letting us take care of the setup, you’ll be able to relax, cook, eat and enjoy the party. You next BBQ is safe in our expert event planning hands. Call us today, and let’s talk BBQ.


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