How Old Wedding Traditions Are Being Modernized and Personalized

We think of a wedding as something old and traditional, something that will never change, but we are continually changing wedding traditions. Today’s couples are putting a personal twist on old traditions, and even creating some new ones. Traditions have to start somewhere, so don’t be afraid to be original when it comes to your wedding.Wedding traditions

Old Wedding Traditions

Traditions can be fun; they can also help you structure your wedding. They can also be complicated and inconvenient. Personalizing your wedding means that you can pick and choose which traditions to follow, if you are going to follow any of them, at all.

Brides Family Pays

It was customary back in the day that the bride’s family would pay for the wedding. The wedding would be the last thing the father pays for before the husband takes over. Very few people follow this tradition. Most couples today will share the cost, and both families will most likely kick in some funds. Plus, what do you do when the couple is both men, or both women, or gender neutral. This is one tradition that we have outgrown as a society.

New wedding traditions

Not Seeing Each Other Before the Wedding

The tradition of spending the last night apart and not seeing each other until you meet at the altar is a fun and romantic tradition. However, it can be a bit inconvenient. For one, you want a good night to sleep the night before your wedding, and sleeping in a strange bed away from your partner could disturb your sleep.

There is something to be said for making a big entrance. Go ahead and sleep together the night before, and share a quiet moment together in the morning before heading to the venue. Then split up and get ready separately with your wedding parties for the big reveal at the ceremony.

Bride Walking Down the Aisle

Walking the bride down the aisle again dates back to a time when the daughter was “given away” to a man so that he could take care of her. It was a transaction between two men. Many are removing this old fashioned notion from their wedding and putting a modern spin on it. Some couples choose to walk down the aisle together; some choose a different family member or friend. Modern families are often blended and non-traditional, so there are many fun and personal constellations of ways you can walk down the aisle.Wedding traditions

Throwing Rice

Making it rain with rice was an old-timey way to shower the couple with wishes of prosperity, fertility, health, and wealth. We also used to think that birds would clean up the mess afterward. Win-win. Unfortunately, it turns out that eating uncooked grains of rice is not good for birds. Modern couples are finding innovative ways to keep the tradition going, without harming birds. Couples are being showered with flower petals, bird seeds, and bubbles.

Whether you’re choosing to stick to old traditions, or you put a new spin on them, Colorado Party Rentals is here to help you create your dream wedding.


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