4 Decorating Ideas for Your Nature Theme Wedding

Your wedding date in November doesn’t have to be all pumpkins and squash! You can take some hints from nature and let your theme express the organic and natural feel of the outdoors. Here are four tips on how to add some natural elements to your fall wedding!

Even with a date set in December, don’t feel swayed to decorate with orange and red. For brides who enjoy nature and lean more towards less flashy decor, try these ideas to bring the outside in.

nature theme wedding, bring plant life inside1. Choose a color palette with warm colors – Keep in mind you can go bold with your choices. A warm color palette in the month of November doesn’t mean only shades of orange. Plum, navy, and forest green are all deep colors that work well in a fall nature themed wedding.

2. Bring in lots of plant life. Break out of the formal floral arrangements and allow plant life to sprout up all over your venue and throughout your decor. Vines, various large leaf plants, twigs, even long dried branches. Play with ideas for your aisle. You may choose to have deep red leaves for your “petals,” or how about outlining the length of your aisle with vines?

3. Nature isn’t neutral. Your warm and bold colors can be brought out all around your venue with surprise pops of color; an unexpected bloom in a corner vase of dried branches and berries for instance. Nature is full of brilliant colors, even in cool weather months. While a neutral color palette forms an excellent working base to build on, you aren’t limited to beige and brown. Look for ways to accent your theme with deeper hues outside the neutral family.

Nature theme wedding4. Natural means a little unpredictable. You don’t need to arrange your centerpieces, your bouquets, or accent decor in a symmetrical and evenly spaced way. Nature is a little unpredictable; colors bloom in various shades, petals in different shapes, and stems in different lengths. So, take the opportunity to be spontaneous and arrange your centerpieces with stems of varying heights, or add a few dried branches peeking out over the tops. Dried berries and conifers make an excellent addition as well.

Be creative with your small details, like a bird’s nest added to your guest book table, or a heart with an arrow through it made from soaked vines. Branches, twigs, and interestingly shaped leaves add interest and spontaneity.

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