Holiday Party Rentals for the Best Holiday Party of the Season

The last two months of the year are filled with one event after another. It can be hard to compete, especially since everyone tends to go for the same winter wonderland holiday themes. As festive as fake snow and twinkle lights can be, it can get a little repetitive. For this year’s holiday events, work with Colorado Party Rentals (CPR) to come up with a holiday party theme to make your holiday event the one that everyone remembers.

Party rentals for every holiday party theme

Holiday party themes

Mix up your holiday party theme with a snow cone machine and make it the most memorable party of the season.

When you work with CPR, we can help you find all the right solutions to meet your holiday party needs. You can rent everything from the tent and flooring to the decorations and table settings. We have it all, so let your imagination run wild.

Fun holiday party ideas

Instead of going with the winter themes, why not give everyone a break, whip up some piña coladas, and do a festive holiday luau party? Or, bring back the warms days of summer with a snow cone machine. It will be a welcomed change of pace from all the eggnog and ugly sweater parties. Another great idea is to do an all-inclusive holiday party where you pay tribute to holiday traditions around the world, or you could go all out with a popular holiday theme, making it bigger and better than everyone else.

Go big or go home

Whether you’re choosing a theme that goes against tradition or you’re going fully traditional with your holiday party, working with CPR means you have a whole party rental inventory to make your holiday party come to life. Rent linens, decorations, lighting, games, and equipment to make your holiday party vision come true.

Real china, stemware, and silverware

Rent glasses for holiday party

Get matching stemware, silverware, and china to elevate any holiday party.

Renting gear means that you never have to throw another party with plastic cups. Although red Solo cups do go well with the holidays, they really say “college dorm party” more than they say “sophisticated holiday party.” If you want to impress clients, co-workers, friends, and family, make sure to have real china, stemware, and silverware. Plus, plastic cups means that you’ll be missing out on that great sound of glasses clinking as you celebrate the holidays.

Colorado holiday party rentals

Our party specialists can help you come up with the right holiday party rentals for any type of holiday party or event. We’ll find the perfect table setting, as well as all the serving equipment, lighting, decorations, and anything else that will make your party stress-free and the talk of the town. Contact a party specialist today and get started.

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