4 Fall Party Ideas and Essential Party Rentals

Shorter fall days don’t need to restrict your party planning and social events calendar. All you have to do is get a little creative and find reasons to start your parties earlier to maximize the daylight hours. We’ve got a few fall party ideas as the days start to get shorter, and a few tips on how to take your party from day to night and keep the festivities going. 

Fall Party Ideas

When fall kicks in, don’t focus on the shorter days and the lack of daylight, just plan your parties around the season. You’ve probably already started to think about fall colors and textures, and how to make your events warmer and cozier, but before we start theming, let’s look at some party ideas that won’t be affected by shorter days and early sunsets.

Brunch Parties

Is it really brunch if you don’t serve mimosas?

  • Brunch Parties
  • Sunrise Toast
  • Sunset Cocktails
  • Sunrise to Sunset Events

Brunch Parties!

Why worry about when the sun is going to set when you can celebrate the peak hours of the day with a delicious brunch. Brunch has not gone out of style and is the perfect weekend event to gather your friends, colleagues, or neighbors for a little day drinking and some delicious foods. 

Brunch Party Rentals:

  • Chairs and tables
  • Flatware, stemware, and plates
  • Ambiance elements
  • Table decorations

Sunrise Toasts

Celebrate the start of the day with an invigorating sunrise toast party. What a way to start off the day! If you’re worried about waking up before sunrise to set up your party, don’t. Work with our staff to put together sunrise toast essentials, so you are ready when the first guests arrive at the crack of dawn!

Sunrise Party Essentials:

  • Champagne glasses for mimosas
  • Carafes and ice-buckets
  • Serving trays
  • Coffee set up
  • Cozy chairs
  • Tables
  • Blankets
  • Heater

Sunset Cocktail Hour

Incorporate the early sunset into your party with a sunset cocktail hour. This party may keep going once the sun has set, so make sure you work with our team to rent all the essentials. 

Fall Party Ideas

Fall parties are all about bringing in warm and cozy elements…and cocktails!

Sunset Cocktail Hour Essentials:

  • Bar
  • Cocktail glasses
  • Cocktail tables
  • Table linens
  • Lounge furniture
  • Space heaters
  • Fire pits
  • Tenting

Day-to-Night Parties

To avoid any problems caused by shorter fall days, plan a party that spans from day tonight. All you have to do is combine your sunrise and sunset parties to have all the essentials.

Essential Party Rental for Day and Nighttime Parties

If you have an idea for a party, whether day, night, or both, our team will help you pull all the essential party rentals to make your party a hit. Tell us your party ideas, and we’ll take the stress of planning away from you, so you can enjoy your event. 

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