7 Reasons to Celebrate in Fall!

The end of summer has come and gone, fall is here with its amazing colors, and we haven’t quite hit Thanksgiving yet, so you may be wondering, “What is there to celebrate in fall?” Here are seven reasons to throw a party and celebrate in fall!

string lights for indoor and outdoor fall party

String lights for indoor and outdoor fall party

1. Football Season – Whether your root for college football teams or you’re the biggest NFL fan, your team’s schedule is off and running! There is, perhaps, no sound more familiar to fall than the Sunday afternoon football game on TV! Football food is a category of food all to itself and allows you to have a lot of fun in the kitchen! Celebrate your favorite team this fall with some good ol’ fashioned football parties!  Pull out your favorite snacks and decorate to your heart’s content. There aren’t many rules when it comes to football food and fun decorations!

2. Cool Air and Fall foliage-  Open up the windows and let the fresh air in! Celebrate the turning of the seasons and gorgeous colors that are unique to this season. Bring the outdoors in with new mantel inspirations. Change up your candle colors around the house, and the candle scents too! Add some warm color and outdoor-inspired decor to your table centerpieces. The outdoors are alive with brilliant color, and it won’t last long. There are times you wish it would, but you’d better go for a long Sunday drive or take a long-awaited hike through your favorite trail because in a few short weeks, the peak of fall colors will fade and there will only be bits of brown left.

3. World Series – The end of fall brings the end to America’s favorite pastime… the baseball outdoor fireplaceWorld Series. You may not watch all the games, (let’s face it; there are just too many to keep up), but you’re a fan of the World Series! Celebrate with friends!

4. Halloween – Costumes candy and caramel apples! Who can resist this? Little tykes all dressed up as their favorite princess or superhero line the streets, ringing doorbells and asking for treats. Adults play kids again, dressing up for an adult version of the little kids’ costume party! It’s time to let the kid in you out to play for the night. Go all out on your costume, bob your head for an apple, and get ”ooey gooey” with caramel apples on a stick. That’s what fall is for! Rent a Tent from Colorado Party Rentals and set up your own Outdoor Halloween Extravaganza.

5. Pumpkin Picking and Apple Orchards! These are fall favorites that are a pure tradition! Who can resist the quintessential pumpkin patch or the smell of hot apple pie rising from the oven? Enjoy all that fall eating has to offer! Carve a pumpkin, bake the apples, and enjoy!

6. October Fest – Artisan crafted beer is truly a unique art form and, without a doubt, deserves its Group of friends enjoying a beer at pub in Londonown month to celebrate.

7. Baking! – Now that the temperatures outdoors are dropping it finally feels right to bake. Let’s face it, it’s a little more bearable in the kitchen without the outside temperature rivaling the indoor temps with the oven in full flare. This is the time of year we enjoy trying out a new recipe, on a cool day when we have a little time to ourselves. Summer heat makes us want to stay out of the kitchen, but fall calls us in!

Specialty linens are an easy way to add the warmth of fall colors. Get creative; the color combinations are endless. Play with textures and styles, and don’t forget to have fun! 

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