“The Messy Party” – A Kids’ Extravaganza!

The Kiddos are back in school and while for us adults it may be a bit of a relief, its a little sad for them.  There are a whole lot of memories made in the summer time. Mostly because families have to be a little more intentional about their schedules and with children home all day, we need to be doing something with them!  The school year assures lots of regimen and routine. Daily schedules and strict time frames of getting up early and hitting the commute on time, make slow breakfasts and late cartoons an impossibility. Why not let your kids indulge one more time in an all- out, kids- only extravaganza.

Take a deep breath and determine that for only one short afternoon you can handle a complete divergence from the house rules.  Everything within you will want to scream out “Don’t make a mess!”.  Instead, let’s break away from our “don’t touch that” rules and let these kiddos go wild for one last afternoon before the school year routine sets in.

Colorful art supplies for school

Start with a finger painted invitation to make your guests, (and their parents) aware that this is a party that will require a bathing suit and an extra change of clothes.  Tell them you plan to get messy and probably wet all at the same time! They should even send a plastic bag to carry home their dirty clothes.

To make sure everyone gets to join in the fun, you may want to break up your guests into teams and allow them to rotate through stations. Then at the very end you can call them all back together for the ultimate shaving cream war.

5 Kid’s Extravaganza Party Ideas

1.Pie in the Face – Challenge the kids to throw an aluminum pie plate filled with whipped cream onto the face of one of your willing adult volunteers.

2. Sponge panting – Set up a large roll of white art paper, as each child receives his turn he will choose from a selection of paints – which are just bowls of water with food coloring added. Standing behind a table, they will then dip a 3 or 4 inch sponge into the colored water and throw it at the white art paper. Allow each child to make 5-6 tosses, creating the design of their choice before their turn ends. The sponges can then be rinsed well and reused for the next artist in line.

3. Finger painting – Provide a large arena the grass to spread out a large piece of art paper. Provide lots of finger (washable) paints and allow them to get on their hands and knees to create a large piece of art work. They may even choose to use their feet to paint.

4. Water Relay games – Fill the bucket – Divide into teas and line up single file. mark out a playing area and approximately 10 feet in front of the single file line place an empty bucket. One bucket should sit across from each of the team lines. In front of the the first person in line will sit several buckets of water and a large sponge, the larger the better. The goal is for the teams to fill the sponge with water and run to the other side to squeeze out the water and begin filling the bucket with water. The first team to fill the empty bucket to the brim with water wins.

5. Finally, shaving cream war!  Divide your party guests into 2 teams and line them up shoulder to shoulder. Place one team on one side of the “line”  (Pool noodles end to end, or jump ropes) and the other team on the other side of the line facing the others.  Fill each of their hands with shaving cream and on the count of 3 they throw. The next step is to bring the lines closer together. Refill their “ammunition” and on the count of 3 toss again! Keep bringing the line closer and closer until they are nearly (but not quite) able to touch their opponent. One last fill of shaving cream and toss!  The Grand Finale!

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