Get a Good Night’s Sleep Before Your Wedding

Take the stress out of planning a wedding

Working with our specialists will take the stress out of planning a wedding and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Every bride and groom need a good night’s sleep the night before the wedding. Sleep helps us to handle the emotional overload that comes with any wedding. So, the final step to your wedding planning is to leave plenty of room for a good night’s sleep.

Planning a good night’s sleep

You may think that sleep isn’t something that you have to plan, but when your mind – and your heart – is racing thinking about the big day, sleep can be difficult to accomplish. The last thing you want to do is to drug yourself the night before. Sleep medication will only make you feel groggy and out of sorts, and that’s not what you want on your wedding day. You want to plan a good night’s sleep so that your mind and body are at their best. Good sleep hygiene will help you get the Zs you deserve and need before your wedding day.

Good sleep hygiene

Unwind before bed

Before going to bed, plan a little alone time to relax, stretch, meditate, take a long shower, and unwind before bed.

Clean sheets

Sleep before the wedding

We’ve got every detail of your wedding covered so you can sleep the night soundly before your wedding.

Make sure your sheets are clean and soft, and that you have comfortable pillows to support your body during sleep. A clean, serene sleep environment is key to a good night’s sleep.

Avoid screens

Before you go to bed, shut down all screens and avoid checking your phone or your email while you’re in bed. Your bedroom should be screen-free for optimal sleep.

Cool bedroom temperature

We sleep better in a cool environment, so be sure to set the temperature a little colder so that you can get the best sleep possible. Being too hot may cause you to wake up throughout the night, and the best sleep is uninterrupted sleep.

Recommended sleep

Adults need to get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night, so be sure to plan to be in bed with plenty of time to get the recommended hours of sleep.

Avoid stress

Wedding rentals

Work with our wedding specialists to create your dream wedding.

The biggest enemy of good sleep is stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, stress and anxiety are sometimes par for the course when planning a wedding. It’s natural to be nervous, even if that nervous energy comes from excitement. To avoid stress, plan your wedding with Colorado Party Rentals. Our wedding specialists will make sure that every detail of your wedding is in order and ready to go so that you can go to bed knowing that your day is going to be perfect.

Colorado Party Rentals

We have a large inventory of wedding rentals for every type of wedding, from the tents to the runners to complete table settings and decorations. We’ve got every inch of your wedding covered, and our specialists will work with you up to the wedding to make sure everything is just how you envisioned it would be. Now, go to bed and get some sleep. Colorado Party Rentals has you covered!


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