China Pattern Perfection

Whether for a wedding big or small, we perfectly know that real finesse is right down to every single detail. As part of the table setting and the linens, the choice of patterns and materials of the tableware are the critical elements of the wedding theme.

A Delicate Art: Picking the Right China Pattern

You don’t need to stress over china for your wedding, but choosing the one that best fits with both your personalities and the wedding theme can add beautiful detail to the table setting.

pick your china set
Choose Dishes as a Duo

It’s okay to let your mom and best friend help with the scouting process, but you and your fiance should make the final decision. Whatever you select should speak to your personality as a couple and make a statement for all the memorable meals you will share in a new life together. Don’t let anyone talk you into a pattern you don’t love.

Four basic styles of china patterns

  • Floral: features flowery designs and fauna
  • Geometric: strong lines and patterns
  • Banded: white or ivory with a gold or platinum rim, with options of blue or green rims
  • Oriental: Asian flair, like rectangular-shaped plates

Mix and Match

china setMatching colors and styles can be fun. Follow these tips to achieve happy combinations:

  • When coordinating a busy pattern, your best option is to look for something bold and straightforward. Choose a basic one and match it to something that has a more elaborate design to it.
  • Choose colors that combine well; there are many tools online to guide you through this.
  • Never use black-and-white.
  • Two ornate patterns can work well together, just as two plain designs complement each other. The only way to know is to try it out!
At the Colorado Party Rental, we have many options for you to choose from. Contact us today and let us help on every little detail.

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