How to Handle Unruly Guests at Your Wedding

Don’t let your special day get ruined by an awful attendant! It’s not always easy to predict whether all the people you invite will behave at your wedding. However, there’s nothing stopping you from doing everything in your power to keep the peace before the festivities begin. Here are a few useful tips on how to deal with bratty guests at your Denver wedding.

Consider Your Seating Arrangements

Don’t forget to use placeholders to show guests where they’re seated.

When it comes to keeping everyone cordial, your seating chart is your best friend. Make sure your party furniture rentals have enough space for people to walk without feeling crowded. Once you have the spacing down, take extra care when writing names down on your seats

Group your tables according to friend groups and family members — remember that it’s not a good idea to put exes together. If you know you’ll be hosting a guest who likes to drink, sit them far, far away from the bar area. That way, getting drinks won’t be as convenient.

Fill Your Planner in on Bad Guests

Sometimes, we just have to deal with family, no matter how badly they behave at gatherings. If you have a relative with a less-than-stellar party history, let your planner know so they can keep a watchful eye during the festivities.

Limit the Open Bar

If you’re worried about guests over-consuming alcohol, set a strict limit on the bar. Keep it open for 5 hours — this is the standard time for most receptions. After that, tell your bartender to close up shop. If you want to keep the good times rolling, keep the bar open but remind your bartender to cut off anyone who has had more than enough to drink. 


Of course, there aren’t many open-invitation weddings happening these days. It’s important to adhere to your RSVP so that you can stay within the budget of your wedding. If you don’t want any crashers attending, give a detailed seating chart and attendance list to your planner and security. This will make it more obvious to them when someone has come uninvited, and they can be quickly escorted from the venue.

For more great tips on how to have a stress-free wedding, talk to our team at Colorado Party Rentals. We have all the expertise and wedding rentals you need to have the perfect wedding. Get started with us today.

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