Choosing Between Stone and Porcelain Dinnerware for Your Next Event

How you will set the table has a significant impact on the ambiance of your next party. Whether you’re creating a table setting fit for a glamorous wedding or an intimate dinner party, the dinnerware you choose will have a significant impact on the entire theme of the event. Here are the tones and moods created by each type of dinnerware.

Choosing dinnerware

There are many different materials for dinnerware, and each will envoke a different style and feeling. From an elegant wedding to a bohemian dinner party, dinnerware is going to be one of the main decorative components. The various materials used can shape the mood of your party and create a stunning visual for every photo taken.

Rent china and dinnerware

Give your porcelain china a bit more character by choosing a pattern.

Porcelain China

Porcelain chinaware is the most classic material, and the most sophisticated. Although porcelain can be used for a casual affair, it’s timeless beauty is often seen on the most elegant wedding tables. The pure white porcelain chinaware is a classic choice for fancy occasions. Porcelain chinaware has the characteristics of something that is delicate and luxurious, but there is plenty of variety beyond the pure white porcelain dishes that adorn a wedding table.

Colors and patterns

Using porcelain dinnerware can make a table setting very formal, but you can dress it down a bit and make it homier by choosing porcelain that has a pattern or a pop of color. The glossy finish on porcelain will always maintain a certain elegance, but you can select some warmer or softer colors and patterns to add a bit of texture and fun to your table setting.

Choosing dinnerware

Stoneware is casual, fun, and elegant.


To make the table feel a bit more earthy and warm, look for stoneware. Stoneware will often make your table feel more casual and intimate. The texture of stoneware will add to the charm, and often stoneware will have a few variances in from piece to piece so that it doesn’t feel as formal, shiny, or smooth like porcelain.

Artisinal look of stoneware

Stoneware can be modern or rustic, or a bit of both. The colors can be bright and bold, or you can choose something more subtle. Whatever you choose, stoneware will often bring an artisanal style to your table setting.  Stoneware can create a look that is unique and full of character.

Marble dinnerware

Add interesting patterns and texture to your table setting with marble dinnerware.

Marble Dinnerware

If you’re going for a retro and elegant table setting, choosing marble dinnerware is the way to go. It has charm and personality. There are pops of color and interesting patterns. But, it is still elegant and sophisticated enough to elevate your table setting.

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