Find Your Colorado Wedding Style!

What’s Your Wedding Style?

When planning a wedding, you want it to exhibit a flair all your own. There are numerous wedding styles and venues to choose from, and it is so easy to get inspired. But which one fits your personality the best? Discover your wedding style today with help from Colorado Party Rentals to bring clarity to your wedding decisions. Finding your wedding style isn’t about finding something new to like, or creating something someone else did, it’s about finding and accepting who you are and creating a wedding that best celebrates you and your fiancé!  Let’s get started!

planning a wedding in ColoradoResist the Urge to Copy

The beauty of your wedding is having an event you planned and organized that is all you. With the internet phenomenon of Pinterest and Instagram, there are more ideas for weddings than you could possibly ever want or need. With this, you don’t want to copy other people’s styles, even though they may be appealing. Leave that to them. Stay true to yourself and with what you feel most comfortable around.

You can “extract” few things as details that you’d consider as a perfect complement to your wedding allure.

Check Out Your Closet

Surprisingly, you can find your wedding style by looking in your closet. Just by looking at your favorite shoes, you will discover what type of style you prefer. The way you dress or decorate your space will show how you express yourself, and what you feel most comfortable around. Of course, your wedding is a really special day, so it is okay if you want to “amp“ it a little. Just ask yourself this question as a reminder: ”Will this add more of who I am to the day, or will it make me feel like I am at someone else’s party?” It has to feel close to you.

Location, Location, Location

Your wedding venue will show what type of style you will lean towards. If you are hosting your wedding in a barn, a rustic or vintage theme would be appropriate. If your wedding is in a garden, with an appropriate party tent, romantic would be the theme. A classically elegant wedding would be a more traditional setting in a church or country club.

Wedding venue essentials

Make sure the venue allows you to have creative control and a choice of vendors.

What’s Your Decorating Style?

Whatever style your home is, it would be the direction you would want to take your wedding. Something that makes you feel comfortable and at home, or true to yourself. Whether you prefer contemporary and modern, an antique and elegant style, or something in between such as rustic and charming or even eclectic and funky, find what you feel most comfortable around and run with it all the way to the altar!



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Colorado Wedding Style


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