3 Modern Wedding Styles

If there’s anything ever-changing about weddings, it’s the style trends

What is “hot” today may be considered cliché and boring in eight years, and four years ago what may have been considered as a non-traditional wedding (like a vintage style) might have become common. So, let’s talk about three wedding trends that have us dreaming and are perfect for all those couples looking for a daring event.

Modern Wedding Styles

Industrial-Chic: Raw meets Refined

Vintage, as we knew it, has been translated and used in events such as baby showers and even birthday parties, which led to the new development of Industrial-Chic as a substitute. This style is inspired by the use of unusual places and textures like exposed walls and bricks – think warehouse. You can pair it up with very chic furnishings to elevate the elegance of the event and have wooden tables as well as bright colored decorations to stand out from all the toned-down grays.

Southern weddings outdoor reception with string lights
Vineyard-Rustic: The Tasteful Classic

Rustic became popular in the last few years, inspired by vineyards or traditional farms. We think this is an incredibly romantic idea and it can also be done in a green garden. These weddings focus on good living and good eating, with a design aimed at satisfying gourmet culinary desires in the menu. This is a very modern take on a classic style.

event table decoration

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Restaurant-Bar: The Modern Comfort

More couples nowadays have smaller budgets but do not want to sacrifice the style of the party, decorations, or guest list. So, here’s an idea: why not hire your favorite restaurant, bar, or pub and have the celebration there? You can invite your favorite band to come and play, and add a touch of your personal style by changing up some of the tablecloths. The atmosphere definitely lends itself to be much more relaxed and quiet and allows for creative wedding attire. This is the style for all the fun millennials out there.

Your Guide to Your Special Event

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