Christmas Corporate Party Ideas

Three Entertaining Alternative Themes for Your Corporate Christmas Party

Another year is almost over, and another office Christmas party yet to be planned. You start to dust off last year’s decorations, make some calls to book a beautiful venue, and contact your regular caterer to order the same menu for every year. All of a sudden, you get a fantastic idea: why not do something a little different for the crew this year?

The office Christmas Party is the way you thank your staff for their excellent work during the year. You want to do everything to make them feel appreciated and valued while allowing them to have some fun.

We have put together a list of different options for you to create a wonderful atmosphere for your office party:

coffee-1156597_1280-11. Winter Wonderland Christmas Theme

There is something magical and amazing about a white Christmas. Everything covered in snow, ice skating all around, hot chocolate, bright scarves, and hats. Embrace the cold holiday season with a Winter Wonderland theme. Decorate your party to look like a winter palace with ice sculptures, white draping, glittering snowflakes, and fairy lights.

2. Santa’s Workshop Christmas Theme

Set up your special night to look like Santa’s North Pole workshop. Add piles of presents, different workstations for building toys, and tools as part of the decorations.

Get somebody in your building to wear a Santa outfit, give out some fun props, and make a photo booth. People will have lots of fun, and you will have great pictures to remember the day.

3. Chocolate Factory/Candyland Christmas Theme

Who doesn’t love candies? You can also choose to go with a Candyland Christmas Theme and decorate with lots of candy colors and stripes. Place candy canes on every table and large cut-out cupcakes as centerpieces. This one is easy to display and fun to eat.

At Colorado Party Rentals, we love a good theme to challenge our creativity. Let us help you to set up the best holiday party your co-workers have ever seen and finish strong this 2016.


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