Considerations for a Circular Wedding Ceremony Layout

The setup and layout of your outdoor wedding ceremony will have an impact on the guest experience, as well as your own. Couples want a wedding that is personal and special, and the way you set up your wedding ceremony can make your wedding stand out. Simply using an alternative or out-of-the-box layout can make a big difference, but you still need to take in a few considerations to make the experience great for everyone.

Wedding ceremony layout tips

Consider the light when you set up your wedding ceremony outdoors.

Outdoor wedding ceremony layout

Any outdoor wedding ceremony should focus on the most picturesque view for guests, and serve as a backdrop for your vows. Think about how the photo will look, with a beautiful natural landscape in the background, your guests in the foreground in a theater-style set up, and the two of you featured at the altar.

Alternative Wedding Ceremony Setups

With an outdoor wedding in Colorado, finding the best view may not be as easy as it sounds. Colorado has 360 of incredible natural landscapes, and many outdoor venues will give you numerous options for a great view and backdrop for the ceremony. One way to take in every angle is to use an alternative ceremony setup, like placing the chairs in a circle with the altar and the couple in the middle.

Circular ceremony layout

Use floral arrangements and ribbons to create sections to direct your guests to their area.

Wedding ceremony in the round

Having the chairs placed in a circle around the couple, like theater in the round, can be a bit tricky. Although the guests will have a great view of the landscape, some may be sitting so that they are looking at the couples from the back. That is something to consider if you choose this alternate layout. Make sure that you let your guests know, especially the closest friends and family, where they should sit to get the best view of the couple.

Sections and Seating Charts

You may also want to consider breaking up the circle into sections. Having sections will allow you to direct your guests to where you would like them to sit, so there’s no confusion. With alternate set-ups, some guests will be hesitant about where to sit, so to make things run smoothly, make a loose seating chart that your guests can follow. You can even use different colored flowers or chair ribbons to mark each section.

Break up the circle into four sections. That will give you four different aisles for your guests to enter the ceremony. Having sections and aisles will also make it easier for guests to get to their seats.

Whatever setup you choose, rent chairs, runners, and altars at Colorado Party Rentals.


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