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All the elements matter! Match them well!

Table for Your Special EventWhen organizing any event, the tables and chairs play a vital role in the event setting, socializing, and achieving the desired tone and ambiance of the event. At Colorado Party Rentals, our staff will help you choose the appropriate ones needed for the occasion.

Tables for every occasion

You may be wondering, “How can a simple table make such a big difference?” It is true; the kind of table you decide to use for your special event or wedding will have an influence on peoples emotions.

The strategy is really in the details. Choosing a long rectangular table will indicate that your event is more casual. Usually, rectangular tables are used for family-style events or picnics. They can be set up beside each other in long rows or arrange them into larger rectangles.

round table for wedding and eventsRound tables mean that the event, dinner, or wedding is more formal. They are excellent for a larger group of people to be seated close together for engaging in conversations since it is convenient for facing everyone at the table. When choosing a round table, you also have to think of the size of the centerpiece. But that topic is for another post.


Cocktail tables are great to use around dance floors, or near the bar area, or for an event that doesn’t involve a complete lunch or dinner, but only drinks and finger food items. Also, at the beginning of a more formal event, it is used for appetizers and cocktails, before your quests move into another room for a formal dining setup.

Let’s not forget the Chairs!

Renting chairs in Denver

Consider the function and comfort of the chairs you choose.

Chairs need to match the tone of the event and the type of table as well. We have them all, from chivari chairs to benches, and so on. Times change and etiquette does, too. Now you can have fun with chairs, and they can add color and style to your event, also! Let us make some creative suggestions on your chair choices, or gather up all your grandma’s chairs and design something fun with lots of history on every seat.

We have everything else you may need to throw

the best events: decorations, linen, flatware, glassware, catering equipment, and even some things you may have forgotten to consider.

At Colorado Party Rentals, we organize the best parties and events!

That’s right! We love parties, weddings, BBQs, and all sorts of special events, big or small, corporate or intimate, indoors or outdoors. Our passionate and dedicated staff will offer you only the best service and options to meet your needs. We are meticulous when it comes to detail, and nothing will be missed if you plan your event with us! You will not only save time and money but will also be sure everything goes as planned and no small details are overlooked. No task or request is too small. Book us today so we can start creating your great summer event today!

Round table setting for weddings and special events

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